9th International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference - 9no Congreso Internacional de Terapia de Artes Expresivas

 New technologies – tools for art, reflection, and healing

Presenters: Diana Riesco Lind -  Mårten Bergkvist - Karen Niemczyk
Coordinator: Diana Riesco Lind

When artists let the concepts they want and need to address dictate the medium, an endless world of possibilities are created. The topics these artists address are quite diverse and have very personal significance for the artists. Some of the topics of interest are: migration, construction of identity and cultural heritage, the expression mental states and disorders, mystical frequencies and sound in the search of healing, and the infinite connections of everyone and everything.
Still from video, Diana Riesco Lind
 Installation: Mårten Bergkvist

 Electronic sculpture,Karen Niemczyk


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