A Feminine Game. video art. running time: 00:03:56:14

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A feminine game is a brief that comments on two role-plays: the game of fitting in what is traditionally feminine and the role of being successful in a male dominated sport. It is a documentary on a chain of ideas developed on reflecting on being a woman from the view of a rugby player.
Starting with the thought “I have always been told that the most aggressive animal is a female with her child” the brief suggests a glimpse of the author’s own reflections about the topic of femininity and rugby.
Being an athlete all my life and a rugby player myself, I reflected on this phrase and the role-plays in rugby.
Rugby is considered a very aggressive and therefore a traditionally masculine sport, but if the most aggressive animal is in fact a female with its child, then this game can be seen as two tight “female” packs fighting for the same child that would be symbolized as the rugby ball, that in itself has a form of an egg or a bundled-up baby. Egg, symbol of fertility, reproduction... all characters associated traditionally more to female than male...

A feminine game
does not show a closed idea but an open reflection on the topics of being a woman, and the context of women in this sport specifically. The images are from the two contexts in which my rugby practice has developed: South America and Sweden.

A feminine game ( Un juego femenino ) es un video breve que comenta dos juegos de roles: el rol de encajar en lo que se considera tradicionalmente femenino y el rol de ser exitoso en un juego dominado por varones. Es un documental sobre una cadena de ideas desarrolladas al reflexionar sobre el ser mujer desde el punto de vista de una jugadora de rugby.
Se inicia  con la frase: “Siempre me han dicho que el animal más agresivo en una hembra con su hijo. ”
Siendo yo misma jugadora de rugby, reflexiono sobre el tema de feminidad y Rugby y los roles de la mujer.
Un juego femenino no muestra un discurso o idea cerrada sino más bien una reflexión abierta sobre el ser mujer y específicamente el contexto de las mujeres en deporte. Las imágenes utilizadas son de Sudamérica y Suecia, dos espacios en los que me he desarrollado como atleta.
This film was shown November 6th at Kunstfilmtag 2010. 
40211 Düsseldorf Auditorium of the Malkasten / Artists Association Jacobistr. 6a www.kunstfilmtag.de

Rugby images from games:
Göteborg Rugby Club vs. Enköping RK / ladies Swedish Championship in 15 a side

Brazil vs. Argentina / exhibition game Ladies 7s during the World Men’s Juniors 15 aside Champeonship 2010

Filmed by: Diana Riesco Lind, Natalia Medina
, Maria and Derek Sexton

Stills by: Angela Gutbo

Sound and video editing:
Diana Riesco Lind


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