Affect: to produce an effect upon, as a: to produce a material influence upon or alteration in.
(Piece presented in the "What happened to November?" exhibition, Rotor 1 gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden,  the "Afecta" exhbition, La Galería gallery, Lima, Peru, Bai Jueta, e-star gallery, Lima, Peru, Retrospective: Legado: regalo de propiedad, Centro Cultural Pucallpa Gallery, Pucallpa, Peru) 
When we enter an area we walk, breathe, look and touch; in all we do
we modify in one way or another the space. If we could see our personal effect on things and people how would this look? Our existence and the existence of everyone and everything affect the world in distinct ways in an infinite chain reaction. Our personal influence in the world could never be measured by our own eye.
The installation
This piece consists of an installation in a dark room where you can only see a dimly lit image of a hand on the wall. When you touch the hand a fingerprint appears in the center of that wall. The white fingerprint lines expand and grow creating a pattern that could continue infinitely. The white light from the expanding fingerprint lines illuminate the room.

Connection with previous projects
Theses ideas connect to my previous studies of the Shipibo- Conibo native community. These communities traditionally consider the world to be full off designs. Every person has their individual design perceived through all our senses, and affected by our mood or health in general. This the starting point; the use of fingerprints gives us the general knowledge of the individual. The project opens up ideas of our personal influence over any and in some way everything that surrounds us with a symbolic visual effect.
This piece was built using an Arduino microprocessor and Processing Programming Language. A sensor triggers the beginning of the Processing code which selects a random fingerprint from a previously stored group. The fingerprints are taken from real people and the patterns that grow from them are drown and animated individually.


mckenzie said…
This is fascinating. And lovely too...

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