Paintings - pinturas

Hogar *
Oil on Canvas

Donde te Fuiste 
Oil on Canvas

For the Bachelor thesis project I decided to do oil paintings because it was the material that came naturally for me because of my studies at the University. The oil paintings are images of vegetation that represent the cycle of life. The images refer to Amazon spaces but also could be other places in the world. All the images were taken from walks I took through my family's farm lands in the Ucayali regions. I then reorganized the compositions and painted them.

Haciendo Camino/ Making Path - Oil on canvas - 134.5cm. x 89.6 cm.

Cielo en La Tierra/ Sky on Earth

Oil on canvas
105cm. x 69cm.

Origen de Paisaje / Landscape Origin *Oil on canvas- 115cm. x 90cm.

Mi Piel/ My Skin

Oil on canvas
118cm. x 90cm.

 En cualquier parte/ Anywhere
Oil on canvas
105cm. x 70cm.

Infiltrado / Infiltrated
Oil on canvas
 115cm. x 74.5cm.

Rebelde / Rebel
99cm. x 49.5cm.
Oil on canvas
100cm. x 50cm.

Fuente/ Fountain *
Oil on canvas
135cm. x 90

Papá Sol me proteje/ Father Sun protects me *
Oil on canvas
119cm. x 100cm.


Extranjero/ Foreigner *
Oil on canvas
120cm. x 90cm.

Tiempo / Time
Oil on canvas
100cm. x 43cm.

 Oil on canvas
 80cm. x 60cm.

Charquito / little puddle  *
Oil on canvas
75cm. x 50cm.


kunju said…
wow... excellent snd interesting. I missed the chance to see it in real.
I was plannin for a long time to go thru ur works. I could do that today.Ur works are inspiring me to take thr brush sooner...

Kind Regards
Thomas Varghese

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